Life-saving products for my daughter with dyslexia​​

One sign of dyslexia is terrible handwriting, and boy did my daughter fit this mold! We would go through this book on summer break to help her learn to form her letters appropriately, and slowly.
These are the best for children with reading struggles.  They highlight the line you are on and block out the line above and below. No longer will your child skip back and forth from the line above and below where they are supposed to be reading.
Tim Tebow has dyslexia and my daughter found great comfort in knowing that someone very successful had the same difficulties as her in school.  She loved reading this book.
Telling time is super difficult for my daughter since her eyes do funny things when lines are not completely connected together. This big clock and flashcards aids in telling time practice for children with visual closure difficulties.
We bought this box of easy reader folk tales for Kahra when she was in 1st grade. I wish we would have bought them when she was in Pre-K because they helped her learn to read so much!
This game is great for kids struggling with visual closure. You can help them while they feel like you are just playing a family game together. 
This game is super fun, and every once in awhile you get cards where you have to line the dice up perfectly, which is really hard for Kahra with her visual closure. Even though it is hard she tries her best and doesn't realize we are working on it while we play together.
This is another great book for a Pre-K - 1st grade child who is struggling learning to read. They can match the pictures to the words making for a great beginning readers book.