Life-saving products for 9th-12th Grade

Perfect for any parent, Caught Not Taught is a principle based book about how to model the behaviors we wish to instill in our children.
This devotional changed my life when I was a teenager. By going through this devotional your teen can learn to Experience God on their own, without needing the aid of their parents, youth leader, or friends. They can learn to live their life in alignment with God's will.
Create parental control filters on your wifi to know what your children and their friends are looking at. You can also create bedtimes and pause wifi with this amazing device.
Most teens biggest struggle in the day 
Every teen has questions about their faith and how God fits in with what they are learning about life. This Bible will teach them to search for truth by turning to God's word.
70% of teens walk away from their faith when they graduate from high school. Sticky faith found out what common threads were in place that allowed teens their greatest chance at keeping with their faith after graduation.
Whether we want to admit it or not, our teenage sons are facing sexual temptation left and right. Giving them this book, or even better walking through this with them will give your son much needed perspective to know they are not alone in their temptation.
Your teen daughter is sure to be inspired by Sadie Robertson's story! She is on point with her Christian faith and speaks in a way that will impact your teenage daughter in her identity and faith journey.