Life-saving products for 6th-8th Grade

Perfect for any parent, Caught Not Taught is a principle based book about how to model the behaviors we wish to instill in our children.
Inspire your tween girls with this amazing devotional. Not only will it help them to filter their life through the Bible, but it will speak to them in a language they will understand with a Christian playlist for every day,.
Create parental control filters on your wifi to know what your children and their friends are looking at. You can also create bedtimes and pause wifi with this amazing device.
Most teens biggest struggle in the day 
This incredible study is for Father's and Sons to create a rite of passage exprience for your tween son.
Middle School is a great time to encourage your children to listen to Christian music that has the same rhythms and beats as pop culture music. NF is one of the best rappers I have ever heard, and even better he is a Christian artist!
This journal is a great way to open the lines of communication between you and your tween daughter.
One of my favorite movies. See how a teen girl faces adversity and rises above it. Sometimes our greatest tragedy opens the door for our greatest opportunity.